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Watch our 90-second explainer video on how Curation Robot works...

Curation Robot explainer video

Curation Robot has everything you need to help you stop spending hours each day looking for content to share with your audience. It can find, recommend, and publish content for you.

Discovers content from Twitter, any number of RSS feeds, the general internet, and other social networks

The first thing Curation Robot will do is go out onto the internet and find content to share. Each piece is examined for relevancy to your audience.

Machine learning/AI – gets better at knowing what you like to share

Over time, Curation Robot will find new places to find content. It will also learn from what you choose to publish and what you choose to skip, getting better are forecasting what it is you're more likely to share.

Posts content directly onto your social channels

Once you have found content that you want to share, Curation Robot will push your content out onto your channels for you.

Curation Robot can even integrate with Buffer -- ideal if you have an existing Buffer workflow.

Define posting schedules to best suit your audience

You can tell Curation Robot when to post content, which you can either fine tune, or you can let Curation Robot recommend to you the best times to post.

Pool manually recommended content from the team, or from the whole organisation

Everyone in your business is pulling in the same direction. Anyone in your team, or in the wider organisation, can recommend content to Curation Robot for review and publishing.

Surface and discover competitor market intelligence

Curation Robot will find content related to, written by, or promoted by your competitors. The activites offer invaluable insights into your competitors behaviour.

Bring in and promote your own original content

As part of your content marketing strategy, you'll be publishing your own original content too. You can provide this content to Curation Robot, and it'll publish it out on all your social channels automatically.

Any number of Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, any number of users on multi-user accounts

We believe that content marketing is better where everyone participates. With the exception of the 'individual' plan, there are no limits on the number of accounts or users that can be used with Curation Robot.

Detailed reporting and analytics

Any marketing strategy is only effective with proper management. Curation Robot gives you all the tools you need to see in detail account growth, post engagement, and other metrics.

Automatic posting option

Curation Robot is able to automatically choose and post content without human intervention. This is helpful when covering staff absence, or when building up new accounts.

Mobile app for curating content on-the-go

You don't have to be using a desktop computer to get the benefit of Curation Robot. You can curate on-the-go using our iOS and Android apps.


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