Find content for your social media postings in ten minutes per day. AND help us find new customers, then we'll give you our top Curation Robot account free

Watch our 90-second explainer video on how Curation Robot works...

Curation Robot explainer video

As a social media influencer, you know the importance of having fresh, engaging content going out on your social channels. You read a lot, and probably find a lot of great stuff to share.

But not everyone knows the positive effect on influence and authority that social media posting – “content curation” – has on prospects and customers. And it can take so much time up, can't it?

Curation Robot is made for you, and your network.

We want to help grow our business and we also know that you have great influence on your networks and with newcomers. So we’d like you to help us find some new customers too.

We’ve created an influencer referral scheme where we’ll give you 10% of any revenue from new customers that you send our way. In addition, once you’ve referred three converting customers, we’ll give you our Advanced plan free (an - per month value), as a thank you.

Curation Robot discovers relevant and timely content for social media position in just ten minutes a day. There are no fixed contracts, and you can sign up for a free trial.

  • 10% referral fee for any new customer you send our way
  • Get our top-tier service free once you send us three customers who convert
  • Discovers content from Twitter, multiple RSS feeds, the wider internet, and other social networks
  • Based on machine learning/AI — gets better at learning what you like to share
  • Posts content directly onto your social channels with automatic or monitored feeds
  • Define posting schedules to best suit your audience
  • Pool manually recommended content from the team, or from the whole organisation
  • Surface and discover competitor market intelligence
  • Bring in and promote your own original content, or guest blogs
  • Support any number of Twitter and LinkedIn accounts (with team version)
  • Detailed reporting and analytics


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